Monday, May 31, 2010

Evil lurking in homes

It was late, probably three in the morning, and I was lying on my couch watching tv. I do this from time to time (read: always) and everything was going just dandy. I wasn't thinking about the heat are about my purpose in life, so I was fairly content, when all of a sudden, scuttling into my periphery is a monster centipede. Now I'm not very insect phobic, although on a home insect scale, the centipede probably gives me the willies the most, but even then it's not very much because they usually crawl along the ground. They are fast buggers and in general when the days get warmer I look below my feet to make sure I don't step on one (that sucks by the way, hairy and the legs keep twitching) BUT THIS ONE well it was crawling down the pillow and was very nearly on my stomach so I half jumped (read: flinched and fell) away from it. That night I had a dream where I was dealing with a whole bunch of them a la Temple Of Doom. It's annoying how literal my dreams can be sometimes...

(I hate you centipede)



    this entry more than i wanted to know about these things...take special note of the parts about their venom (!) and their horribly high intelligence (!!!!!)

    i still have nightmares about the time that one fell out of my towel onto me when i was coming out of the shower. WORST. THING. EVER.
    moral of the story: always shake out your towel...

  2. Actually, this is really weird. When I was in High School, these disgusting little buggers used to crawl up out of the art room sinks when you would go to rinse out your brushes.
    I can't count the number of times they made me scream like a girl. (Or at least let out unhappy strangled cries of disgust.)
    So. Gross.