Monday, May 3, 2010

Bad Guys Speak Loudly in Stealth Games

Shaggy and i just finished completing yet another co-op game and thus solidifying our friendship once again. This time it was beating Splinter Cell: Conviction. Overall a very solid game although they assigned practically everything, from jumping over things to picking up guns, to the A button, which was dumb. But besides that and the pointless story it was stealth-er-ific!

Playing through the game one thing kept standing out, all the guards were big ol bladder mouths. They wouldn't shut up! Talking to themselves, each other, yelling at us to come out of the shadows, they worked really hard at making their presence known. Either they were all really scared of the dark and were reassuring themselves or they all had really big egos and couldn't get enough of themselves. Although I do like the fact that they put it in to help players, sometimes it can be a bit overdone.

In Gears of War the bad guys will stop and say "Reloading" When they are reloading so I can pop my gun our and shoot them. Couldn't the developers come up with something better for an alien bad guy (who probably shouldn't be speaking English anyway) say than Reloading. Why didn't they just have them say "Shoot me in the face now" or as they walk away "Coffee break"

(These guys like to reload)


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