Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Wireless Networks Say About You

Often is the case where one turns on their computer and trolls for free wireless. Or tries to connect onto a wireless network they have access to. I always find it interesting the names people give their routers. Lots aren't renamed they just say Bell and a couple numbers. Others are very straight forward the so-and-so Clan or other names that relate to groups/clan/tribes. Another that pops up are something to the effect of cantstealnow or some other flip off. I feel those are the ones that people try to steal from first just to defy them.

So what makes a good name. Something like HomeSweetHome is too generic. You should probably choose something/ a place that is an easy expression of yourself. That said, you should never write P4NDOR4, because not only does that provide instant repulsion it's doubly tacky because the As were replaced with 4s.

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