Thursday, May 20, 2010

Doctors Know Better?

I was at a Doctors Conference and they were debating the merits of certain medical procedures and which one was best. There were two sides, each with a presenter who informed the audience of doctors why their way was the right way.

Before the debaters spoke everyone was asked to vote where they stood on the subject. Then afterward they'd vote again to see if anyone changed their minds. The majority of the participants voted for option A. Then the option A speaker went up to give her talk. She had graph and charts and was speaking about medical advances and I was thinking to myself, wow, this is what a smart persons debate looks like. It's logical, thought out and thorough, people sitting back are watching and reasoning, this is great!

Then option B stood up, no one liked option B to begin with but then he flashed this grin. He opened with a joke, he made light of option A. His power points had more pictures, it was dumbed down and by the end of the debate the majority of the crowd was on his side. You could almost feel them wanting to chant his name.

Now he did raise some good points, and I'm not saying he was all bad but it kind of freaked me out that a flashy presentation could sway the doctors so much. I felt like they all got Monorailed! Kinda scary.


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