Monday, May 17, 2010

Ukraine, Russia's New Jersey

Television loves to pick on certain locals more than others. On American shows people hate the French, think Canadians are innocent and naive and just flat out make fun of New Jersey. But if you live in France and are watching a french show who's France's French? They can't be despising themselves, is it Italy?

A company in Russia makes episode by episode copies of American sitcoms like Who's the Boss. Another that they've made is The Nanny, remember the one with Fran Drescher. And how do they explain away her crazy voice and character...she's Ukrainian.
The Ukraine, Russia's New Jersey

(This came out on DVD?)


  1. From what I know, French people tend to make fun of Belgian people a lot, and also of people from southern France, who, as they represent them, appear to be redneck-ish and apparently much nicer than people from, say, Paris... And for a reason that is still mysterious to me, they ADORE the United-States and its culture... Oh well. Silly frenchmen...

  2. They aired "The Russian Nanny" (yeah, that's what they called it) here in Finland a while ago... It was pretty creepy, since all the episodes were the same, but the actors and the language were different... :D