Monday, April 12, 2010

White People Are Everywhere

The Prince of Persia Trailer is now on Apple Trailers. Yay Prince of Persia, I enjoy the franchise but one thing kinda bothers me with the trailer...why are all the actors white? I mean, I understand why they're white, but seriously, haven't we gotten past this. Same thing with The Last Airbender, all the actors are white. In Glee, the guy in the wheel chair, he's also white but that's fine, the question is why couldn't they of hired a person who's actually's such a shame.


  1. i have plenty to say on this subject, but i'm just going to pick on your writing skillz hurrr...srry...
    and so:
    big sister's beef of the day = 'couldn't they of'
    that 'of' is actually a 'have'
    spoken language makes the 'have' sound like 'of'
    but - it's not one.
    p.s. let me know whether you still need an MUA for this weekend?

  2. Oh man, AVATAR just ruined my Avatar fan-dreams. to see anybody but that slumdog millionarie guy as ZUKO would be a bless! and katara and Sokka being white WHAT the frigging hell...?? I know cosplayers who looks more alike than those guys, srsly.