Wednesday, April 7, 2010


After finally overcoming my fear of Glenn Close's forehead, I 've finally gotten around to watching Damages. Actually another reason why I was it was because I found a new copy for 12 dollars! I don't think I've ever found a television season for so cheap. At one time Fox had a promotion and were selling lots of their season 1 sets for super-cheap. The ploy, once you've bought the first season you'll want to keep on buying. To tell you the truth it kinda works.

Now that I'm done with Damages Season 1 I really want to watch the next season! So I went back to the place where I got it and guess what, they don't carry season 2. SO WHAT'S THE POINT. Why would you hook me then not sell the second season for an exorbitant amount? Sales confuses me.

Glenn Close's forehead...scary

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  1. Glenn Close vs Alexis Bledel; 2 foreheads enter, one leaves.