Friday, April 23, 2010

Coffee Redux

The thing about coffee is that it's not only a drink but a big part of many cultures. The routine of getting coffee is probably just as important as the coffee itself. The thing is, I do not prescribe to this thing that is coffee.

This at times does make me feel a little left out but a few things over-ride this and here are a few reasons why I do not drink coffee. Initially I'd say that the flavour was the primary reason why I don't drink coffee but as Shaggy put it, tastes change and frankly I feel that after a couple years people should revisit any foods they've removed from their life and try it again because it may in fact taste good now. So blaming taste alone would not cut it.

I think another big thing was that I was reading an article about food tasters and it said that drinking coffee was bad for your sense of taste, it dulled it. I hold eating food in a very high regard and that strengthened my resolve as to not drink coffee.

As I mention before the routine of getting coffee is a big thing. I remember that when I worked a nine to five job for all of a couple months I remember how important my donut break became. That 15 minute excuse to step out of the office to pick something up, to break that work cycle up, very important.

I however do not need that anymore so instead the idea of throwing away a little bit of money everyday doesn't impress me. I guess it's the same reason why I don't buy lottery tickets, purchasing all those small things add up and I don't have any money to spare.

The interesting thing is that I'm encountering more and more people who don't drink coffee...I'm trying to figure out why.

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