Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today, a seagull stole my lunch.

by Shaggy

The title explains it all.

Yes, my lunch. Taken, from before my very fork. To be fair, I should have seen it coming.

The seagull was first on the fence behind me. Staring at me.

Then, he hopped over to the table next to me. Staring at me.

Then, he hopped onto my table. Staring at me.

And, while I was busy taking pictures of his journey, the thinkable happened.

Slowly to quickly, he crept up to my plate and snatched the remains of my lunch, flying just a few feet away, making a big noisy racket over his victory (to which other seagulls and pigeons were quick to join him).

This led me to wonder if there's some eternal score board out there, keeping track of bird vs. human p0wnage.

For every food or dump they take at our expense, they get a point.
For every daily genocide we commit against them, we get a point.
I just figure, someone's keeping track.

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