Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double Down, Beginning or End of the Sandwich

The Double Down is a new food that KFC is going to be selling in the states very soon. It's called a sandwich but replacing the two pieces of bread are two fried chicken breasts and jammed in-between are two strips of bacon, cheese, KFC sauce and a couple other things.

I guess my question is...Is that the best or worst sounding sandwich ever? I'm not sure, heart attack on one side, meaty goodness on the other. And I guess my other question is. How have they not come up with this sandwich until now. I'm pretty sure that the KFC brain-trust tries to replace everything with chicken... and now they have.

(The Double Down: Scary or Amazing?)


  1. the only question i have is:
    is this going to be available in Canada?
    (because obviously i need to eat one now)

    so my vote is for 'best ever'.

    also, i've heard somewhere that this sandwich has been available on an off menu basis in the states for some time. or maybe it was just a crazy urban legend until now?

    either way, i needs it...it is precioussssss to meee...

    - KFC Gollum

  2. *huuuurlp!* That looks... so deadly D: Why not have a chicken shake alongside it with a chicken straw, maybe clean up with chicken napkins afterwards...