Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Intangebility of the Digital World

In the future a guy named Johnny is going to be carry 320 gigs of classified information in his head. But right now digital real estate is still on standard computers, external hard-drives or floating around the interwebs. Which I guess is all nice and good except for the fact that I can't physically touch any of it. There is no hard copy. And now that another one of my external drives almost crapped out on me again I'm getting more and more paranoid that it's only a matter of time before I lose everything.

So yes I've started backing up my stuff onto other drives but isn't it also going to break down eventually. I used to back things up on DVD but now files are so much larger it's pretty much an impossibility. These days though people don't really worry about the size of things because gigs seem so cheap at the moment. But that just means the gap between physical copies to digital files will grow and grow.

Moving on, all these tablets and things are coming out for people to read books. But isn't half the fun of buying books is to build a library?

I could continue but instead I'm going to watch as I back up 420 gigs onto another hard-drive...hopefully it doesn't screw up.

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