Thursday, February 11, 2010


A thought occurred to me, and by thought, I mean I blurted this out loud the other day during dinner.

In some cultures like Japan, where the louder one slurps one's noodles at a restaurant, the more they indicate to the chef their appreciation towards it's quality; wouldn't the idea of being the 'loudest noodle slurper' trigger our human tendencies of competition?

Or at the very least, be a tool to impress others. Now take that thought to a dinner date setting.

Wouldn't a guy really wanna impress his date by being the loudest noodle slurper in the restaurant?

Now let's take this one step further.

What if the date of the gentleman in question had previously gone out with someone who was even louder at noodle slurping?

It would start to feel like a pretty lackluster date, wouldn't it?

Just a thought.

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  1. In japan, we also have the courtesy of not doing it when the people with us is not used to this behavior. and some people just dont do it unless is at home.
    (Im tamakitono btw)