Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do People Still Buy Calendars?

There are usually two proponents to a wall calendar, the calendar and the picture. Now days with all this fandangled gadgetry people have access to calendars that can zoom in/out, get reminders and are at their finger tips. The wall calendar on the other hand has a puny little box to write everything down in, not to mention writing against a wall is a pain. Also, who walks around with a pencil? And then the picture part, it’s artwork that CHANGES each month. Well if you like moving images then just mount a TV to the wall and flip it to one of those random digital channels of fish or a log fire, which would be weird floating up high…but you get the point.

But people still buy calendars probably because of the fine tradition of hunting one down after Christmas and the amount of joy people get out of looking at pet animals posed in awkward anthropomorphized positions.

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  1. This xmas I received a fine copy of 'Ferret Frenzy 2010'...it's even more sophisticated than the one shown here. And by 'sophisticated', I really mean 'ghetto photoshop'.