Friday, February 5, 2010

Black Dynamite!

Yesterday I was out looking to buy Black Dynamite which The Star said came out this week…they lied, it comes out on the 16th. The clerk where I was being informed that Black Dynamite was not yet released said that “Maybe it’s the US release date” so I went on my computer and checked Apparently it’s the same date in the US as it is here but in the US you can buy it for 16.99 and here it’s 10 bucks more, go figure. I think I’m writing this blog because I love writing (and saying) Black Dynamite! What an awesome name! It’s not as easy as it looks to come up with an awesome name…or is it Purple Octopus, Blue Defibrillator, Green Bean, Red Death unite!


  1. davido, just a quick question:
    by "UBER FRIENDSHIP is the proceeding high five"
    do you actually mean -
    a) the 'preceding' high five (the one that comes before the event)
    b) the high five that follows the event (in which case you are using the wrong word entirely)
    ? ? ?
    yes, nitpicking sisterly minds need to know.

  2. haha, yeah we should change that...and that's why almost nobody knows about this blog yet, cuz we can't write, or spell

  3. well, your ideas are funny, but i'll admit that the punctuation and spelling keep me coming back for the unintentional laughs...

  4. so then what should it be for b)

  5. you are most likely looking for 'the subsequent high five'.
    word's the cold word.

  6. haha yeah, something roboto would say

    what about resulting or ensuing