Monday, February 8, 2010

Blu-Ray Dismay

Not only do they rhyme, but it has come to a time that the words ring synonymous.

Increasingly, the trend now to get people to buy blu-ray instead of regular old DVDs is NO MORE SPECIAL FEATURES!

You see, if special features were on the regular old boring DVDs, then they wouldn't be special on blu-ray, would they?

So the solution has been to make what we've all come to expect as 'included special features' a blu-ray exclusive. Behind the scenes, making ofs, studio tours, deleted scenes; all of it, gone (except for the commentary...and really, who even-)

In many DVD movies I watched recently, the DVD experience has gone back to the time when DVD's were new and just having an interactive menu and a trailer were described as "special" on the back of the box. To be honest, those of us who haven't made the jump to the blu-ray are quickly being forced into a retro stasis of technology even before our time.

SO, there you go, the solution to make blu-ray 'the next best thing', is to make it exactly what we already had.

...and in some cases, including the regular DVD copy in the box, just in case you don't have a blu-ray player.

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