Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Digital Watches Aren't Cool

Over the years it’s become very apparent to me that digital watches aren’t cool. I remember a time in grade school when everyone had digital watches. Kids would boast that they had 8 lap memory and 100 meters underwater. Now most kids probably don’t even know what lap memory is and I doubt they ever went a hundred meters into the depths of the see. But that didn’t matter, because all we knew was that a hundred is better than fifty, thus proving who was cooler.

So the digital watch battles waged. Like an arms race, kids would bring in bigger and more powerful digital watches. 8 lap moved to 10, 100 meters went to 1000, one kid had a calculator watch. Then a kid showed up with a massive watch that enveloped his arm, I think he said it had a built in laser pointer…anyway, it was a utility belt masquerading as a watch.

Then it stopped. One by one people stopped wearing digital watches. I think the girls changed first, it makes sense, they mature quicker than boys. Some people stopped wearing watches altogether, but most moved to analogue.

It’s quicker to tell time from a digital watch but analogue has a few things that digital watches don’t. Analogue is simple, it’s classic but most importantly it can be customized and designed. It’s beautiful, the circular shape, numbers written in different sizes and shapes. You don’t even need numbers at all, not to mention the various pictures that can be placed behind the hands.

Now that everyone has a digital clock on his or her phone the watch has become even more of an aesthetic accessory. These days digital watches have 50 lap memory, but lets face it, digital watches aren’t cool…yet I still cling to my blue Timex Ironman, the one everyone bought in grade school. I don’t know why, laziness probably…or maybe because the moment I’m drifting to the bottom of the ocean when my boat gets attacked by a colossal squid, I’ll be able to tell the time.

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