Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Leaving On A Jetplane

A good friend of mine is flying off to teach in a foreign land. Most people already suspect that using a cellphone wont interfere with the airplanes computers (and they are right), here are a few other facts about airplanes.

1. Air quality in airplanes is actually excellent. Airplanes use the same kinds of air filters hospital ORs use. If you do get sick it's probably through touching i.e. sharing arm rest, tray tables.

2. Still with the air quality thing. Lots of people think that the airline gives you less oxygen to make passengers more docile. This isn't true, in fact a lack of oxygen causes confusion, nausea and headaches.

3. Turbulence is nothing more than a bump on the air road. The likelihood of a plane crashing from turbulence is pretty much zero. If the plane is going to crash it's because of equipment failure and human error which probably happen taking off or landing so no point in worrying in between.

4. If you walking down the aisle back toward your seat and an angry terrorist runs at you drop down onto your back and kick at him.

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