Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pirates could literally steal our internet

Does anyone remember the Bond movie where the villain wanted to rule the world by controlling the media...didn't think so cuz it's lame. But besides blowing shit up there are a lot of ways to mess with the world, say not having the internet. The economy would go haywire.

I don't normally stop and think about how the internet exists but it's not just all a bunch of floating digital information shot around by satellites most of it gets transfered through massive underwater cables. These giant cables are straight up, information highways, and we have to build more of them. One proposed cable recently had to be moved several miles over because of pirates! Yes, pirates!

(First pirate picture to show up on Google Images...interesting...HD DVD seriously)


  1. Ha, I actually saw that dvd sitting right above an empty Pirates of the Caribbean slot at an HMV. Weird.

  2. There are actually two versions one hardcore and the other soft so the movie could come out eveywhere. I think it was a big deal for them to see if people really do watch porn for the story.