Thursday, June 24, 2010

Celebrate... it's alright

World Cup is on which means people slap on flags and celebrate their culture. It's nice and all and I don't really mind it except people have got to figure out a better way to celebrate then how it's done now. Honking car horns, in theory, probably sounds like a good idea. It's saying 'Hey, I'm loud and I'm proud! Look at me! Check out this flag, it means my countries awesome at football, we won a game!' Great, now it's very easy to get annoyed at all the sound pollution it causes but that's not really my beef. What I'm more concerned about is, is it actually fun? For one thing a lot of these drivers don't seem to be having fun honking a horn, but they do it, because it's easy. And why should they be happy driving back and forth on the same street wasting gas and clogging up lanes. Shouldn't there be a more fun way of celebrating? Like taking a nap. Naps are fun it could symbolize that you're so confidentin your team you don't have to worry about anything.

(Nap time)

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