Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The "THE"

by Shaggy

When it comes to movies, books and video games, ever notice how the simpler the title is (or subtitle), the more intense and eerie it seems?

Basically, take a "THE" and follow with something fairly common, domestic and more or less safe (though not always), and you got yourself an edgy title.

Seriously. Try it right now, and maybe use the thriller movie trailer type voice...

Heck, I'll just run through a few off the top of my head, and some of them ARE existing properties.

The Door
The Room
The Attic
The Neighbors
The Sign
The Porch
The Noise
The Hill
The Unknown
The Path
The Shed

This naming convention doesn't work with ALL words of course, as they may come out just sounding campy instead of unnerving, like say "The Meat" or "The Soap".

HOWEVER, such words DO sound creepier as a title if they stand alone.

Imaging the film poster for:




....brrrrrrrr, chills.

...oh, that's another good one, "THE CHILLS".

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