Monday, March 22, 2010

The Feud

I don't normally watch Family Feud but if I somehow stumble upon it I can't help but watch! I really do want to know what the survey says! But I find one very large problem with the game. Whoever wins the buzzer usually elects to play the board, they guess almost everything right but then end up with three Xs and then the other team just ends up stealing the points. It's almost like you want to be slow at the buzzer.

It's also interesting to see what answers people come up with in a stressful environment. When asked in the second portion of the game "How many hours is considered a good nights rest?" The guy answered five. FIVE! He thinks five is a good nights rest, what does he usually do with his time? Work three jobs, watch other people sleep, go for a morning marathon, trade in foreign stock markets, is a superhero.

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