Wednesday, March 31, 2010

People Don't Like Hawaiian Shirts

I was reading an article about deal-breakers. Most were pretty straight forward: brags about being dishonest, try to have sex too early, facebook a woman after a date instead of calling or texting. But two things really stuck out to me, 1. Wear a Hawaiian shirt on a date 2. Have minimal furniture. What?

I can understand that wearing a Hawaiian shirt maybe a little off putting but what I want to know is how it warrants it's own statement. How many people go on a date wearing a Hawaiian shirt? I don't think I know anyone who wears Hawaiian shirts at all, let alone on a date! Is there some huge sub-culture I'm unaware of that loves wearing Hawaiian shirts. It's like a secret club made up of members who's mantra is 'everyday is a vacation'?

And "Have minial furniture". First, I'm not sure how many pieces of furniture is enough. Secondly does someone come into your place and say "Sorry, this isn't going to work, I don't see a bedside table with a lamp. We were never meant to be."

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