Friday, March 19, 2010

Animal Fights

After watching District 9 where they have people gambling on aliens fighting each other in a pen a la cock fighting, I was wondering what over animals fights have humans manufactured. Praying Mantis fights, crab fights, dog fights, monkeys with knives fights... I couldn't think of anymore so I typed in animal fights in a search and instead of getting same species fights I was overwhelmed by a massive number of inter-species brawls.

Jaguars versus Anacondas, Bears against Mountain Lions and these videos all had millions of views. Apparently people love to see animals fighting each other. Now I know that isn't much of a shocker, I can still remember when I was a kid taking out Natures Deadliest Animals from the library. But one video, Leopard vs Gorilla (animal face-off) had nine million views, and it wasn't even REAL! It was a CG simulation. How lame is that.

In other news, Deadliest Warrior Season 2 starts up soon.

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