Thursday, July 8, 2010

Liquidation Sales

As much as I hate to see local businesses go under and can't help getting a little excited because I could pick up something for cheap. Yes it's horrible to prey on the weak but when it comes to store Blow-Out sales, well let's just say it's expected.

So Ammo Video is going out of business...maybe because it's called Ammo Video or maybe because even in it's dying days it still isn't having any good deals. I think the man is dettermined not to sell anything before he closes. Now lots of times the sales starts small and closer and closer to the end date the deals get better thus a fun kinda stock market game ensues trying to judge how long you can wait on pulling the trigger but early enough that someone else doesn't get it before you. At this stage I feel like a lot of people hide things like a squirrel only to forget where they hid them. If you are one of those people who do it, it can be a tricky ordeal, trying to misplace the video somewhere where people who would want said video wouldn't look, also to try and remember where it is later.

But this guy, talking on his blue tooth all day, I swear, he doesn't want to sell anything. Worst salesman ever. He wasn't even willing to give away an empty N64 package. He wanted two bucks! Seriously, you think someone's going to pay two dollars for a Beetles Adventure Racing Box?!

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