Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So Avatar is getting re-released with an additional few minutes tacked on. Does this make me want to see the movie again? No. Does this mean this is the new definitive edition, apparently not...so then why add the footage? Oh right, I forgot James Cameron's a money whore.

Now I do believe that some movies can add extra scenes like LOTR, but those movies are few and far between. I feel like you have to shoot it along with everything else you shot and not later. And then, if that's the case the reason why it was left out of the original cut must be for a reason as well.

In general like Dark City and Donnie Darko, the former added so little it felt like they just made a couple transitions and cuts a bit longer while the later over explained and took away a bit of the intrigue, adding scenes don't work.

Most of the time, because people don't want to change the tone or the intent of the movie the added scene pretty much can only repeat/reinforce what another scene has already done or be about absolutely nothing.

That said, here are a few scenes James Cameron could add to his other films.

Aliens: Follow an alien as it mingles with other aliens sleeping and eating. Thus adding absolutely nothing to the movie.

Terminator 2: See John order T-800 to do the robot dance. Thus adding absolutely nothing to the movie.

Titanic: When Rose and Jack grab a piece of ice off the deck they realize that the ice is indeed not ice but unobtainium. The most important and unobtainable substance known to man, and with it they realize that Pandora was earth all along.

(Not an Avatar)

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